Childnet International: Social Media for Educators Guide

Image is illustrative. By George Pagan III on Unsplash.

Social media services like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp have very quickly become a part of our lives; changing the way we keep in touch with friends and family as well as the way we share ideas and get information. This guide is designed to support your personal and professional use of these services in order to keep pupils, yourself, and your job safe.


Childnet International

Childnet International is a registered UK charity that aims to make the internet a safe place for children and young people. Childnet works directly with children and young people from the ages of 3 to 18 on a weekly basis, as well as parents, carers, teachers and professionals, finding out about their real experiences online, and the positive things they are doing as well as sharing safety advice. Working directly with these audiences is important in helping to equip them to stay safe online and informs the resources that we develop for them. The conversations that Childnet has with them also helps to inform how the charity develops and responds to policy issues and the messages that they take to government and the internet industry about the real experiences of children and young people and what needs to be done to make them safer.