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On this site, you will find fact checks on the elections published by FactCheckEU partners, debunks and facts around commonly help misperceptions about Europe and answers to all your questions about the elections. In the Q&A section, you can ask the journalists to verify something you read and get a direct response from one of their European partners. The goals of this project is to create a direct link with the readers and restore trust in the media by being transparent and replying to the audience’s questions directly, regardless of their partisan preferences.


The International Fact-Checking Network

The International Fact-Checking Network is a unit of the Poynter Institute dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide. The IFCN was launched in September 2015 to support a booming crop of fact-checking initiatives by promoting best practices and exchanges in this field. The International Fact-Checking Network: - Monitors trends, formats and policy-making about fact-checking worldwide, publishing regular articles in the section below and in a weekly newsletter. - Helps surface common positions among the world’s fact-checkers. - Promotes basic standards through the fact-checkers’ code of principles and projects to track the impact of fact-checking. - Funds annual fellowships, a Fact Forward Fund, a Fact-Checking Innovation Initiative and a crowdfunding match program. - Convenes fact-checkers in a yearly conference (Global Fact) and promotes collaborative efforts in international fact-checking. - Provides training in person and online. - Advocates for more fact-checking, including through an annual International Fact-Checking Day.