GetBadNews game (Info Sheet for Educators)

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The Bad News game confers resistance against bad online information by putting players in the position of the people who create it. This document provides background information on how the game was developed, how it works, and what it is based on. It also goes into the concept of disinformation in a broader sense, and explains how the game covers its various aspects. This document is meant as an explainer for educators who wish to use the Bad News game as a teaching tool. It also provides links to additional information that educators might find useful.



Hi, we are DROG! We are a multidisciplinary team of academics, journalists and media-experts. We conduct research, give talks, offer workshops and educational programmes and create innovative tools that help you build resistance to disinformation. Our team is from all over Europe - but our headquarters are in The Hague. What we do By letting you experience how fake news works we increase your resistance to it. This is what makes our games, workshops, public lectures and consulting unique. Our clients range from army generals to a classroom of primary school children. Learn about our new game: Bad News: Invite us to speak at your school or business: Read about our approach to disinformation: