Multistakeholderism & Participation

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Meaningful participation should be central to European efforts to co-create and sustain digital transformative processes in an inclusive, informed and democratic way. Whenever possible, digital transformation efforts should be approached as a multi-stakeholder and inclusive process – encompassing the co-design, implementation and utilisation of people-centred digital technologies with and by young people, youth workers, educators (formal and non-formal), and other relevant stakeholders. Meaningful and informed participation should be seen as an essential mechanism to ensure that the youth sector’s needs are reflected in all topics concerning digital transformation (e.g., digitalisation of youth work services, online safety, AI-driven innovation). Meaningful and informed participation should also take place at all stages and in all areas of digital transformation.


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Dr Alicja Pawluczuk

Dr Alicja Pawluczuk is an ICTD Research Fellow at the United Nations University, and a Strategic Consultant on defining Digital Transformation at SALTO PI. Alicja’s research and community education practice focuses on digital youth work, youth digital inclusion, and gender digital inclusion.