Cancelled: SALTO Youth Participation Forum, 4 – 6 May 2020, Estonia

10 February 2020

Unfortunately the event can not take place in May 2020 and we are currently considering alternatives for postponing the event. This decision follows a recommendation of the Estonian Health Office from 10.3. to postpone all international events that are planned to be held in Estonia in the 1st half of the year to the 2nd half of the year. This is due to the spread of COVID-19. We will inform all selected participants about the decision regarding the event and alternative offers we provide regarding the Youth Participation Strategy development process by April 1, 2020.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this situation may cause and thank you for your understanding.



The SALTO Youth Participation Forum will be a unique opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the newly developed Youth Participation Strategy. We will discuss its implementation and link it to different levels of youth work and youth participation.

? Join us to boost youth participation in Europe!
? Let’s explore the full potential of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps together.
? Help us enhance the new Youth Participation Strategy.
? Let’s increase cooperation to strengthen youth participation in Europe.

This will be the space to exchange on current developments within the youth sector and the future of the EU Youth Programmes in relation to youth participation.

☝️☝️☝️ NB! Application only through SALTO European Training Calendar: (attending this event does not grant you invitation to the event)

The SALTO Youth Participation Forum is hosted by SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) in collaboration with National Agencies of Erasmus+: youth in Action from various countries.

The new Youth Participation Strategy has been built taking into account the current EU Youth Strategy ( and the development of the new EU Youth programmes after 2020. It is based on the needs of the youth field and the contributions from different stakeholders from local, national and EU level. It is a consensus of diverse partners on the topic of youth participation and will highlight the potentials to boost youth participation in Europe. The Forum is a milestone in this process of co-creating the strategy and its implementation.

The SALTO Youth Participation Forum will assemble around 120 participants to explore how we – as young people, stakeholders who implement the programmes, decision-makers, researchers, youth workers, trainers and youth representatives – can strengthen youth participation in Europe together with the power of the youth programmes.

? What would we like to achieve? ?

? more awareness about youth participation and strategic approaches
? prototyping new ideas and roadmaps to implement the youth participation strategy
? encouraging meaningful dialogue and cooperation among diverse stakeholders
? increasing recognition of emerging ways of youth participation at different institutional levels
? presenting and enhancing the new Youth Participation Strategy
? connecting the Youth Participation Strategy with upcoming EU programmes and exploring potentials of future developments

? What will we do? ?

? address the topics of youth participation in relation to the future of the EU Youth Programmes
? help you explore how to make more use of the programmes to strengthen youth participation
? offer an opportunity for exchange among heads of NAs and policy makers and develop future actions
? invite participants to contribute with their experiences of youth participation to the new Youth Participation Strategy
? support and empower participants in their future work on the topic of youth participation at different levels.

Join us and let’s build the future of youth participation together!