Commission supports youth organisations’ response to the Coronavirus crisis

13 May 2020

The European Commission published its 2020 ‘European Youth Together’ call for proposals under the Erasmus+ programme. With an expected budget of €5 million, this initiative will support Europe-wide networks of youth organisations active at grassroots level. 
The coronavirus crisis means many young people are disconnected from their peers and normal daily activities, whilst also facing uncertainties regarding their job prospects, social life and leisure time. The youth organisations need support to guide and mentor young people in this crisis period and help them gain life skills and be ready for the future. 
Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly disrupting young people’s social and economic prospects and the capacity of youth organisations to support them now and for a prolonged period of time is imperative. The youth sector can take positive action and be part of a sustainable long-term recovery. The call we have launched today will focus on support for youth organisations so they can take action on inclusive participation and solidarity, also in line with the challenges related to digital skills and green lifestyles.” 
This call targets youth NGOs to propose projects involving at least five partners in five different countries, which have the capacity to mobilise young people in partnerships throughout the Erasmus+ Programme Countries. 
The deadline for submission of projects is 28 July 2020. 
More information on the Erasmus+ programme response to the current crisis can be found here and here(For more information: Susanne Conze — Tel.: + 32 229 80236)