NOW AVAILABLE! Recording of “Live Q & A: Media and Information Literacy + Youth Work”

11 December 2020

Illustration and graphic recording by Siiri Taimla from

Live Q & A: Media and Information Literacy + Youth Work

“Fake news”, cyber bullying, sextortion, critical thinking, active participation in civic life… Representation of genders in the media? Activism? Fridays for Future? How does it all relate to youth work and to #MILskills ?
* The Live Q & A took place on the 27th of October 2020.

  • Why should youth work have more to do with MIL education? What could we do?
  • Youth work as the best multiplier for MIL? Examples and ideas?
  • Inspirational examples and projects?
  • Skills any youth worker needs to support critical thinking and MIL?
  • Main challenges? Trends and how they can impact our work?
  • What happens if we don’t invest in MIL skills? Connection to democratic life.