MILEN has launched a new podcast on Digital Rights

11 January 2021

Illustration and graphic by MILEN,

MILEN networked announced the launch of a new podcast on Digital Rights. Over the next months of 2021, the network plans to explore issues related to digital rights violations. From targeted disinformation to hate speech, abuse of personal data and others. What does it mean when your rights are violated?

In the first episode of the new podcast, Digital Rights Explored: Local Fights, Global Perspectives, MILEN correspondent Osama Manzar brings into attention an insightful case story and a contextual analysis of how the longest internet shutdown in history took place in Kashmir.



MILEN is an international network of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) experts. We operate from four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. MILEN is founded and supported by Deutsche Welle Akademie.MILEN's members come from different backgrounds in journalism, citizen engagement and development cooperation. Each of them contributes in a unique way to freedom of expression, an open and diverse debate, equal access to technologies and information, and empowering critical media consumers and producers.