Your Journey to the EU Youth Programmes – Help to Make it Better!

22 March 2021

We need your opinion! We want to know, how could we make the communication of Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps more clear, fun, inspirational and suitable for you and the youth work family across Europe! Please take a few minutes to share your feedback and insight with us and fill in the survey by 6th of April.

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre has launched a Customer Journey Mapping initiative, jointly with the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agencies’ Communication Officers, in cooperation with Rescogita. 

The purpose is to improve the national and local communication approaches to communication channels, tools and messages. We explore ways to improve through creating a Customer Journey Map where we want to learn how beneficiaries get inspired, what makes them interested, in what parts the communication gets unattractive or confusing, etc. Through exploring the steps and experiences of our beneficiaries, we’ll be able to build a better communication practice which inspires, helps and takes you to start your actions and create an impact.

We invite you to help us improve the communication about the EU youth programmes! We have set the aim to focus on potential (especially new) beneficiaries, reach more applicants and participants and support the Communication and Information Officers in their work. This way, we can make sure that more young people and youth workers get to grow and thrive with the opportunities provided by the EU.

Want to know more? 

The project is divided into 4 main phases: 

  • Phase 1 foresaw desk research concerning existing practices in communication and outreach of EU youth programmes by the National Agencies of Erasmus+ / European Solidarity Corps in different EU countries and its digital impact on beneficiaries and target groups.
  • Phase 2 included a survey aimed at the National Agencies’ Communication and Information Officers in order to compare data, understand wishes and wants and the means available for stronger outreach and retainment measures. This phase included three focus groups: 1) GDPR and privacy protection, 2) inclusion and diversity and 3) a co-creation workshop with National Agency staff on elaborating a shared understanding of the Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Phase 3 is the current stage. Now we want to hear from the target audiences of the programme a) young people b) beneficiary bodies and organisations c) Umbrella organisations, multipliers and youth ambassadors. The surveys’ deadline will be 6th of April. From 19th of April there will be three more focus groups with these groups, in order to deepen some aspects from the survey and gather direct feedback and opinions.
  • Phase 4 foresees gathering and analysing all the collected data and formulating a draft proposal for a Customer Journey Map. This will be implemented by the Communication and Information Officers of the EU youth programmes. 

The Customer Journey Map is planned to be completed in July 2021. This will help the National Agencies to better tailor their communication activities based on the needs of beneficiaries.