SALTO Awards Top 5 Projects In All Categories Announced!

8 November 2021

The month of November brings about one of the highlights of the year: SALTO Awards 2021 Ceremony – the culmination of the 5-month journey, throughout which SALTO Awards Team collected about 150 exciting projects in 5 nomination categories, engaged 25 diverse jury members in evaluation, and prepped for a new approach to the ceremony.

The ceremony

The ceremony will kick off on November 11th, at 17:00 CET (Brussels time) and last for 2 hours.

The programme includes presenting the top-5 teams in each category, announcing the winners, engaging activities for the audience, a discussion panel, and , of course, festive vibes by the music band!

How to join

This year SALTO Team will host it in the WorksUp online environment from the studio in Tallinn with a large number of invited participants connecting through Zoom, as well as livestream the ceremony to YouTube & Facebook.

Choose where you want to connect and follow the link to join:

To save the date, join the Facebook event and invite your colleagues and friends to do so, too!


Categories & top-5 teams selected for the awards this year are: 

*inclusion is a horizontal criteria among all categories

  • Youth Participation

    Start (Georgia) – a story of a an entire youth centre established in both a very short time and in a region inhabited by ethnic minorities in the far south of Georgia

    No filter (Croatia) – a project entirely implemented through online channels with the goal to give the young people an opportunity to make their thoughts and ideas heard through online activism.

    Disabled Free Festival (Turkey) – a month-long festival that promoted the social inclusion of youth with cognitive and physical disabilities.

    Safer cities for girls (Belgium, Spain) – a project set out to accomplish trouble-less living of girls, young ladies and women alike in urban areas by combating street harassment.

    St nam tesko (Serbia) – “It is not hard for us” in English – a project that proves that when a group of young people comes together, there is nothing they cannot do – from cleaning the local park to organising youth festivals, gender & inclusion workshops, volunteering workcamps, or big one-day volunteering actions.


  • Media and Information Literacy

    IN-EDU (Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, France) – “INclusive communities through Media literacy & Critical Thinking EDUcation”-  a large-scale international project addressing the lack of proper Media and Information Literacy education at the school level across the five countries through civic hackathons, international student camps, and teacher training.

    FAKE OFF (Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany) – “Fostering Adolescents’ Knowledge and Empowerment in Outsmarting Fake Facts” – a 2-year international project with an impressive audience outreach, aimed at tackling the issue of misinformation through general didactic concept, a resource toolbox, an Android & iOS app, and a comprehensive, nearly 200-page training material for youth workers.

    Digi Youth (Armenia) – a program that aims to digitally empower and make the voices of young people in Armenia, especially minorities and those living in remote regions, heard.

    Co-Creating Media Literate Youth (Cyprus) – a local project building resilience against misinformation by forming a nation-wide multi-sectoral alliance of stakeholders, involving young people with policymakers, media professionals, academics, and the general civil society.

    Medijpratējs (Latvia) – a Latvian youth movement led by four 22-year-olds, that work towards explaining, teaching and promoting media and information literacy to the Latvian youth.

  • Solidarity and Volunteering

    Solidarity in Primorska (Slovenia) – an inclusive project for volunteers coming from 15 countries to revive the degraded hinterland of Primorska region through a whopping 183 volunteering actions to aid sustainable development in the environmental, social and economic fields.

    I’m possible (Lithuania) – a project making change in the local community, where people with and without disabilities learn to communicate with each other better, thus changing attitudes towards people who are different from themselves and acquiring specific skills to create bonding communal activities in their environment.

    Per una vita dei Sordi Senior (Italy) – a programme led by six young deaf millennials with a mission to train the older generations of deaf people to use online banking and other relevant digital services at home, thus gaining access to information and skills required in this digital age.

    Aufdrehen gegen Gewalt (Austria) – a series of 16 radio programmes and podcast episodes released on the free Austrian radio station over the 16 days-against-violence campaign to draw attention to the origins and consequences of violence against women and also to what must be done to finally end it.

    Friend for life (Lithuania) – a project creating cooperation between youth, foreigners, and Klaipeda community to increase awareness, social responsibility, and solidarity through volunteering at local animal shelters.

  • Digital Transformation

    VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market (Belgium, Italy, Spain) – a project focused on helping people with visual impairments find jobs with greater success through using an online platform with training courses and a newly-developed app for social media.

    Reimagining Recognition (Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland) – an open digital badge system designed to develop the capacity of youth work organisations in recognising and validating the activities and competencies of young people and youth workers.

    Digital Transformation for Civic Engagement (Estonia) – six civic engagement projects under one hood, where young people developed project management and participatory leadership skills in solving real-life issues from those related to fake news and climate change to prevention and control of juvenile delinquency.

    Group therapy as a path to solidarity (Slovenia) – once started as a small “offline” initiative, today is an online peer-to-peer counseling program, offering free group therapy, led by young psychotherapy and psychology students, to young people who don’t have the ability to financially afford it otherwise.

    ARTsee (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece) – an app for children with developmental disabilities enabling them to interact with valuable artwork from the collections of art museums, developing children’s understanding of the world that surrounds them, their emotions, and the emotions of people around them.

  • Environment & Climate Action

    5 Minutes Climate Chance (Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom) – a project creating a climate podcast community with 80+ low-threshold, informative and entertaining podcast episodes (reaching over 20,000 downloads) made by young people with fewer opportunities.

    Festival of Sustainability (the United Kingdom) – a volunteering festival inside the popular music festival in Leeds, where a group of organised and determined volunteers encourage thousands of music fans to collect trash at their camps in exchange for cool merchandise and a better shape of the 600-acre festival site after the weekend.

    Radkino Tirol (Austria) – sustainable outdoor cinemas organised and coordinated by a network of youth projects to raise awareness of climate change and energy consumption by proving that fun activities do not have to be straining on the environment.

    Youth for Action and Sustainability (YAS!) (Cyprus) – a youth organisation on a duty to educate the young people and the local community about the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN agenda for 2030 with strong emphasis on climate & the environment, helping the young people to become the protagonists of these actions and reinforce efforts taking place to achieve a sustainable environment for the future generations.

    Green Steps (Portugal, Madeira island) – an environmental-artistic project, where urban waste is collected and turned into massive art installations.