Call for projects “Europe: now more than ever”

4 February 2022

The “Europe: now more than ever” call for projects aims to promote exchanges on Europe and its future among German, French and European youngsters. Its objectives are to:

  • Continue to foster European exchanges on one or multiple European topics;
  • Enhance intercultural competences of young people
  • Strengthen young people´s commitment to Europe.

This call for projects is aimed at people who are active in school, extracurricular and vocational education or in youth work in Germany, France or another European country and/or who offer further training for youth workers.

Main selection criteria:

An eligible project must deal with at least one of the following key topics:

  • Europe´s future
  • European values and European cohesion
  • Vocational training and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable development and environmental protection
  • Sports and culture.

Who can apply?

Project organizers may be non-profit associations, local or regional authorities, organisations and federations in the field of informal education of children and teenagers, culture, science, media and sport as well as schools, universities, vocational schools and town twinning.

For legal reasons, only partners with an office registered in France or Germany may submit an application.

Financial support:

Each bilateral Franco-German project can be funded up to a maximum amount of €15,000. Trilateral projects are eligible for funding up to a maximum of €20,000.

Application deadline:

Applications will be reviewed bimonthly and can be submitted until the last day of February, April, June and August.

A selection panel will meet in the first week of the following month and will decide on the selection of projects within the funds available in the DFJW “Regions, Europe and Neighbourhoods” Unit and according to the established criteria. Projects must take place before November 15th 2022.