New Resources to Boost the Communication of Your Projects Available!

4 February 2022

Looking for ways to make your projects more visible and give youth work more recognition? Want to attract more volunteers? Planning a fundraising activity? New resources on communication and marketing are now available in the Participation Resource Pool. Learn about Generation Z, media relations, press releases, campaigns or how to pitch your project and more! Let your work shine!

13 new articles and 39 new resources have been published, each of them tackling specific topics of Promotion and Outreach umbrella topic. The content developed offers inspiration as well as practical tips on how to make your initiatives more visible, using professional communication methods and tools.

Dive into the Pool and discover our new content about:

  • Communication & Marketing

    Promotion – explore what is promotion, what are the forms of promotion and concrete examples, why do it or how to promote your organisation’s activity

    Events – explore what type of events could be organised, the advantages and disadvantages of online and offline events or how to engage your audience

    Public Relations – discover what is PR, why do it and what would be the recommended first steps

    Social Media Marketing – find more about what is social media marketing, which channel to choose, how does it support the values of youth participation or how to engage the digital natives

    Communication – discover what is organisational communication and specific tips on how to communicate with youth organisations and movements

  • Outreach

    Campaigns – explore what is a campaign, what’s the purpose of running one, when to campaign on youth work-related activities or how to plan it

    Press Release – explore the essentials on why to issue a press release and what makes your news “newsworthy”

    Media Relations – discover more of why media relations is important, what are some differences between traditional and social media, as well as the potential for youth participation and youth work

    Pitch – gain insights into how to pitch and tips on best pitching practices

    Publicity – get practical tips on how to approach publicity for your organisation or movement

  • Planning and Strategy

    Generation Z – learn more about how generation Z is different from generation Y (Millennials), their political engagements or opportunities for engagement

    Communication & Marketing Strategy – get practical ideas on how to plan, evaluate or embed strategic communication and marketing in your work, whether it’s a non-profit organisation, volunteer-based organisation or movement

    Measuring & Metrics – learn more about why, how and what to measure when designing and implementing communications campaigns, plans or activities


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