Event “Youth and Artificial Intelligence: Designing our Possible Futures”

31 May 2022

Youth and Artificial Intelligence, credits ITU

“Youth and Artificial Intelligence: Designing our Possible Futures” event, planned for 3rd of June 2022 16:45-18:00 CEST, is part of the Generation Connect conference – ITU’s largest gathering of youth to spur digital innovation. The goal of the conference is to connect, inspire and empower global youth by encouraging their participation as equal partners driving digital change.

To bring youth voices into the discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI for Good is partnering with Fondation Botnar, The Lancet and Financial Times Commission, the AI Future Lab, WEF Global Shapers and others to lead an interactive session with and for youth to ensure the future of AI is an inclusive digital future – for everyone, of all ages.

This live intergenerational dialogue will feature the exciting launch of the Youth and Next Gen Leaders AI Manifesto. This is a global call from youth, and a first crucial action towards imprinting their principles, beliefs, and hopes for a successful future through AI. The manifesto was developed through a workshop at the virtual “Youth and The Future of AI” conference hosted by The AI Future Lab, a community of young leaders, thinkers, and builders in AI founded in 2021. Spanning six continents, the AI Future Lab is a continuously growing community with 122 youth leaders from over 30 cities around the world. The Youth and AI Manifesto covers the most critical AI-related priorities, opportunities, and risks identified by global youth communities.

A key message of ITU’s Generation Connect is the vital role of digital natives in shaping our digital future. ‘Digital natives’ refer to the generation that has grown-up with modern technologies, and are therefore best placed to understand the current needs and challenges, and who will be the next generation of tech developers to build AI for Good.


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