Contribute to the new Youth Work Recovery Survey – RAY Network

4 July 2022

The New Recovery Survey has been launched and it looks to understand how accessible and relevant are the recovery programmes for youth work across Europe.

In 2021, 51% of the youth workers and youth leaders RAY surveyed across Europe stated that their support had been inadequate.

Now that the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility is in place – as well as many national, regional and local recovery programmes – RAY Network invites youth workers and youth leaders across Europe to contribute to the new research.

The new multilingual Youth Work Recovery Survey is available in 20 languages and addresses the following questions:

  • Where & how are recovery programmes helping?
  • Where is youth work falling through the cracks?
  • What recovery needs are most pressing for you?
  • What needs to happen to help you best?

The time estimated for filling in the survey is of 10 minutes, while the responses are recorded anonymously.


RAY Network

RAY research activities aim to apply an interdisciplinary approach, in particular referring to sociology, political science and educational science. In this respect, RAY research activities can apply diverse social and educational research methods – quantitative, qualitative as well as a mix of different methods and instruments: multilingual surveys with project participants, project leaders and key staff of beneficiary organisations; case studies of selected projects; interviews and focus groups with different actors involved in Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. For a wider public and academic discourse of the research results, RAY aims at an exchange with policymakers and other researchers. The RAY Network is committed to disseminate the research outcomes and results in an adequate and effective way to (potentially) interested audiences. The RAY Network - Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes - is an open and self-governed European research network. Currently, 34 National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action & European Solidarity Corps programmes and their research partners are involved.