SALTO PI update: Overview on Digital Transformation topic and new resources

29 July 2022

The timeline of the digital transformation activities

In 2021, SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) embarked on the adventure of exploring the ins and outs of digital transformation in the European youth field. What is digital transformation? Why does it matter? And, how can we collaboratively define, understand and implement digital transformation in the European youth sector supported by the EU Youth Programmes (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps)? These were some of the questions that led SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre to a one-year project which aimed to answer these questions and ensure that digital transformation is a topic and a practice accessible to all.

One of the first steps was to set the Advisory Board on Digital Transformation with a role to co-define digital transformation in the context of the EU Youth Programmes, map the understanding of the digital transformation as well as challenges and opportunities related to the process.

  • Ever since, the Digital Transformation topic was fully developed in the Participation Resource Pool, including a digital transformation framework and more than 100 resources ready to be explored – covering 6 main topics Digital Education, Digital Rights, Digital Well-Being  Multistakeholderism & Participation, Emerging Technologies, Digital Sustainability and more than 20 sub-topics.

In July 2022, two important resources summarising the efforts done during the year have been published:

SALTO PI’s efforts to advance Digital Transformation in the youth sector continues through several other initiatives such as:

  • Long-term Training Course for Youth Workers: Digital Transformers –  a blended capacity building about digitally transforming youth work will take place from October 2022 to April 2023.
  • Panel discussions on digital transformation – planned for September 2022 to April 2023, they will explore the digital transformation framework through different perspectives: academia, young people, youth workers, policymakers, etc.
  • Staff training for National Agencies – a joint collaboration between SALTO PI and SALTO Inclusion and Diversity, the first staff training on digital transformation for National Agency officers will be launched in October 2022. The aims will be to enhance the understanding of the horizontal priority in the EU Youth Programmes: digital transformation, taking a look at it from a practical perspective and generally enhancing digital capacities within National Agencies.


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