Join the DiscoverEU competition

17 August 2022

Did you apply to one of the #DiscoverEU application rounds in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022? Then don’t think twice and participate in the DiscoverEU Photo & Video competition!

The competition will take place from 15 July until 15 October 2022, with a different theme each month.

What does green living look like? Imagine a future in which green towns and cities are the norm. What would they look like? In the August edition of the DiscoverEU Photo & Video Competition, we are inviting you to capture the sights and sounds of #greenliving. Perhaps you’ve come across a plant-covered building, or a lush rooftop garden – at home or on the road. Share a photo or video, and you may win €100 worth of prizes!

The competition will run with the #NewEuropeanBauhaus theme until 15 September!

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the crucial role of trees with your picture and to encourage tree-planting actions among organisations and citizens. Be part of the change, and support the goal of having an additional #3BillionTrees in the EU.

Who can participate?
Young people who applied to one of the #DiscoverEU application rounds in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 (selected and non-selected participants).

How to participate?
It’s really easy, you just need to follow these few steps:

  1. Share your photo or short video (max. 15 seconds) on your public Instagram account
  2. Add the #DiscoverEU and #Competition hashtags to your post.
  3. Tag the European Youth Instagram account (@european_youth_eu) on the post
  4. Fill in the consent form
  5. Ask your friends to ‘like’ your photo/video

Need some tips?
Be original, ask permission, don’t over-edit and stay safe. There is no limit to the number of photos/videos you can submit.

The winners will be announced on European Youth’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram account, and will receive a prize worth 100 EUR.