The SALTO Awards Top 3 Projects in All Categories Announced!

26 October 2022

The month of November brings about one of the highlights of the year, the SALTO Awards 2022 Ceremony.

The ceremony will kick off on 3 November, at 15:00 CET (Brussels time), and last for about 2 hours.

The programme includes presenting the top-3 teams in each category, announcing the winners, making special mentions, engaging activities for the audience, and, of course, festive vibes! Read till the end to find out how to join.

The Top 3 Projects selected in each category of the SALTO Awards this year are:

Digital Transformation

eljub E-Book Week 2021the eljub European Youth Meetings are dedicated to stimulating intercultural exchange and networking of young people from nine European countries and young people with a refugee or migration background who live in Austria. In a playful way, project participants learned how to use different media formats (e-book, film, video conferences) by creating e-books and films.

Project links: Website

Digital Bridges – an international project that merged both online collaboration and student exchanges where school students and teachers from Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia participated in digital escape rooms, virtual reality charades, treasure hunts with QR codes, online co-design sessions, ICT workshops, robotics, STEM learning, and many more activities.

Project links: Website, Facebook

eAkrounta – a local project led by young volunteers of the Akrounta village in Cyprus, also members of a local youth club, that aims to preserve the heritage of the village through digitalising the historical documents of the local community, creating video documentaries, and promoting them via a website and social media channels.

Project links: Website

Inclusion and Diversity

Holding Hands With Other Abilities – an ESC volunteer project that hosted 4 European volunteers at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Coimbra in Portugal. With the goal of social inclusion and improved quality of life, the volunteers, who themselves were coming from areas of geographic and economic challenges, brought their talents and ideas to create intercultural activities for clients with cerebral palsy and various other disabilities.  From cooking to hippotherapy, from organic farming to theatre, the volunteers dedicated their hands to work and their hearts to inclusion.

Project links: Facebook, APCC website, ESC database project link

KacsaKő Experience Camp – free of charge summer camps in Hungary where 9-14 year-old children from state care institutions, Roma segregations and segregated schools meet and make friends with the children who come from the majority, non-Roma, privileged families. The camps are powered by psychologists, sociologists, sports coaches, and intercultural educators of disadvantaged children, as well as young participants themselves.

Project links: Website, Facebook

Volunteering as a Tool – a 10-day intensive programme for 36 young prisoners 18-30 years of age that turned the Albolote Penitentiary Center (Granada, Spain) into Hogwarts where planned social and wellbeing activities worked as magic so that day-to-day lives of the participants could be redirected for their personal development at different levels. The participants were also introduced to Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes and developed project proposals for the following application rounds, took on training courses and thus learn more about their future opportunities and themselves.

Media and Information Literacy

MIL-Lacework by Journalism – an interconnected Estonian cluster of MIL-advancing activities by 4Dimensioon, an University of Tartu’s students’ NGO that includes an independent news site, a monthly paper with 35 000 copies, a radio show and an institute’s podcast, a TikTok account on MIL, various media education workshops and trainings, etc. The team is made up of current students and alumni – reporters, photographers, teachers, media ambassadors, videographers, graphic designers, editors, and sound designers that are all aged between 20-27 years.

Project links: Website

Think Critically-Act Logically – an Erasmus+ project that united partnering organisations from Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Portugal and Romania in preventing disinformation and intolerance caused by fake news and disinformation. The project included an 8-day training course for 32 participants in Bulgaria that reached 300 young people online in different countries, and produced a booklet with materials on the topic gathered throughout the activities.

Project links: Facebook

ABRAZIV – once a national TV show created to help Moldovan young journalism and cinematography talents get into practice, today the project has a permanent team and young volunteers working together on four short and educational TikTok & YouTube video shows targeting generation Z: a studio talk show promoting critical thinking, an ironic commentary on current events in the Republic of Moldova, a man-in-the-street interview format promoting the right to expression among the general public, and a media literacy series teaching tool  for teachers and students. Their YouTube channel counts 2,7 million subscribers.

Project links: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook

Solidarity and Volunteering

Hey Christmas Carol 3! – a solidarity project where young volunteers find new ways to entertain their local communities through singing, art workshops, and traditional cultural events. The project has been running for 4 years and in 2021 hit its record number of performances and shared the Christmas spirit with more than a thousand people.

Project links: Facebook

Getting Healthy Through Fun – a self-led group of university students studying medicine and technology in Poland, who spent a year voluntarily organising fun and engaging activities for the 250 young patients and their parents at the children’s hospital. Every month the theme and activities were different, as well as the specialists that were invited as guests.

Project links: Instagram, Facebook

A-round Table – a group of 5 Ukrainian and 1 Polish volunteers that organised 240 art workshops for the refugees from Ukraine and locals in Krakow. These workshops were led by Ukrainian artists and were attended by the refugee families, families and friends of volunteers from the initiative group, but also volunteers with refugee experience, and their children. The meetings were also attended by people coming for humanitarian aid to the “U-WORK” Foundation, which supports us free of charge.

Project links: Facebook

Youth Participation

Across the Sea – a project led by 20 volunteers under 20 years of age that aimed to foster a sense of common vision for the future of the Mediterranean community. The activities involved the collaboration of youth delegations representing 14 countries in the Mediterranean basin who worked on two of the greatest challenges of the Mediterranean community: migration and climate change.

Project links: Instagram

Our Space – For Our Better Future –  a Georgian youth centre formed by 6 young people who actively involved the municipality, local organisations, 4 youth centres with around 10 youth workers, and 500 young leaders from the rural area of Georgia to support its work. Together, they crowdfunded about 30% of their budget, initiated and organised events, ran online and offline campaigns, and united local people around the idea to create youth space together.

Project links: Facebook

100 Girls for Azerbaijan – a 0-budget umbrella project of webinars and trainings aimed to promote Human Rights, Gender Equality, Girls’ Empowerment & Opportunities in Azerbaijan. Launched during the pandemic, the activities reached 300+ young people across the state, gained 2000 followers on social media, and received several national and international endorsements.

Project links: Instagram

How to join the SALTO Awards Ceremony

The ceremony takes place in Tallinn, Estonia, during the Youth Participation Forum.

Just as last year, SALTO Team will host an online livestream, which will be available both on YouTube and Facebook.

Choose where you want to connect and follow the link to join:

To save the date, join the Facebook event and invite your colleagues and friends to do so, too!

We can’t wait to get the party started!

The SALTO Awards Team


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