Open call: Trainer Youth4Democracy Training Course

20 March 2023

Democracy Reloading partnership is looking for a third trainer to be involved in the Youth4Democracy Training Course, planned between 30 August – 3 September 2023, in Lier, Belgium.

The training course

The aim of the activity is to train young people who are involved or plan to get involved in local youth councils / student councils / municipal decision-making structures and projects as youth representatives, or as young advocates of their generation. The training course is partly based on the Democracy Reloading Toolkit.

Through  participation in the training course, the participating young people should be able to 

  1. Adequately reflect on their own local context and have an overview of the challenges and opportunities of a meaningful and sustainable youth participation in decision-making (based on the 24 competences of the Democracy Reloading toolkit)
  2. Develop their personal competences required for improving the opportunities and the qualities of democratic youth participation in decision-making
  3. Transfer their newly developed competences to their own local reality / personal context, and be ready and motivated to be actors of change.
  4. Use Erasmus+ Youth / European Solidarity Corps funds / grants to develop youth participation in democratic municipal decision-making.

Requested trainer profile

A young peer trainer aged between 19-30 who:

  1. has experience in youth participation initiatives or structures aiming to involve young people in local municipal decision-making., 
  2. has experience in facilitating international non-formal education activities (youth exchange, youth training or other relevant group activities),
  3. can commit to take part in a 2 day preparatory meeting (excluding travel)on 22-23 May in Lier, Belgium,
  4. Is available for the training course on 29 August – 4th September (including travels)
  5. can work (speaking and writing) in English language fluently,
  6. are or will get familiar (by the preparatory meeting) with the content and functions of the Democracy Reloading Toolkit;

Priority will be given to those candidates who:

  1. have experience in designing and implementing youth participation projects granted by the Erasmus+ Youth or the European Solidarity Corps Programmes, 
  2. are citizens of Italy, France, Estonia, Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece, Finland and other participating countries of the Democracy Reloading Partnership.

Work conditions and selection procedure

Candidates have to be available for the full duration of the preparatory meeting and the training course, and a few online meetings. The educational team will consist of three trainers: Laura Van de Vyver (Belgium), Lindsay Vogelzang (the Netherlands) and the selected peer trainer. Support team: Laszlo Foldi (Partnership coordinator, Belgium-FR Erasmus+National Agency), Inez Adraensen (Belgium-FL Erasmus+ National Agency), Linda Janmaat (Dutch Erasmus+ National Agency). The fee of  (330 Euro/ day) will be calculated for 10 days (4 days preparation, 4 training days, 2 day evaluation, reporting and follow-up).

Applications should be sent until 31st March 2023 (midnight) by email to [email protected]. It should include a CV and a short motivation letter explaining the relevant experience and competences as described in point 2. Selection process will be concluded (based on the 5 conditions and 3 priorities listed above) until the 14th April, and candidates will be informed as soon as possible in April. The selected candidate will be contracted by one of the host national agencies (Belgium-FL or the Netherlands).