Open call: Training Course “Youth4Democracy”, Lier, Belgium

3 April 2023

Credits Democracy Reloading Partnership

The training Youth4Democracy aims to empower 30 young people all over Europe to have more impact in their municipality in the long term. It takes place in the framework of Democracy Reloading, a strategic Erasmus+ Youth/European Solidarity Corps National Agency cooperation program focused on empowering local governments to engage young people in decision-making. Applications are open until 14 May 2023.

What can you expect from the training? 

  • Meet 29 other young people who are interested to learn more about youth participation on a local level.
  • Learn from other young Europeans how to work together with local communities and local municipalities.
  • Learn how to get more knowledge about your own local context and understand the obstacles and opportunities within it.
  • Develop your personal skills for getting more involved in democratic youth participation in decision-making.
  • Learn how to use the Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps grants for developing activities and/ or projects focusing on youth participation.

Who are you?

  • You are someone who can speak, read and write English on a basic level. You are still learning but can express yourself in an international group. The training will provide a safe space for using English.
  • You are 15 – 20 years old;
  • You have participated or organised at least one participation activity, a project or initiative in your local community or school.

What we DO NOT expect from you: 

  • We don’t expect you to have years and years of experience in cooperating with local authorities. It is enough if you have at least one experience in organizing or participating in an activity in your local community.
  • We don’t expect you to speak on behalf of the youth in your community. We want you to be able to understand your community and its challenges and opportunities and in the training course, we will focus on skills needed for this.
  • We don’t expect you to be a public speaker, we believe a variety of skills are important for a young person in this context. For example: researching, reading, collaborating, analyzing, discussing with others, listening etc. are also needed in this context. Public speaking is just one of many skills. We will experiment with all of them in the training assignments throughout the week. If you are open to trying out new things which may be out of your comfort zone, you will manage this.

Let’s meet in Lier!  It is near Antwerp in Belgium

  • You should arrive on Wednesday, 30th August until 16.00, and you can leave in the afternoon on Sunday, 3rd September.
  • From each municipality, a maximum of 2 participants will be selected.