Join UPLIFT webinars on Youth Inequalities and Co-creation Processes, 16 & 24 May 2023

20 April 2023

UPLIFT is organising a series of Webinars on Youth Inequalities and Co-creation Processes on 16 of May, 10-12 (CET) and on the 24 May 10-12 (CET).

The first seminar “Young people trapped in low status – mechanisms and ways out” will introduce four cases which well-illustrate how and what intersectional factors contribute to young people being trapped in low socio-economic status and what possible ways out can be identified. Based on the examples of Amadora in Portugal, Chemnitz in Germany, Corby in the UK, and Pécs in Hungary we will discuss how young people (aged 15-29) make choices regarding their education, employment and housing which then result in low educational background, low-paid jobs, insecure employment positions and housing affordability issues. Through 40 interviews with young people in each location, they tried to understand what prevents young people from using the opportunities that are theoretically available locally. It is distinguished between individual (e.g. gender, attitude, beliefs), family-based (e.g. material background, norms and values) and institutional-based (incentives and attitudes) factors behind individual strategies. Finally, there will also be a discussion about the recommendations towards policy reform that have emerged from the comparison of the four cases.

The second seminar “The value of policy co-creation will focus on the co-creation work that was carried out with young people for the past 3 years. In four European cities (Amsterdam, Tallinn, Sfantu Gheorghe, Barakaldo), a youth panel together with institutional partners (municipalities, NGOs) developed new policy initiatives to counter youth disadvantage and inequality in education, employment and housing. During this online seminar you will look back at these policy co-creation processes and reflect on each step of our approach. What were the methodological challenges? To what extent did the process add value for the young people and policymakers involved? And what were the learnings from it?

 You are invited to listen, interact, ask your questions and share the experiences from your urban locations. If you are interested in joining one or both of the seminars you can register here. Once you complete the registration form, you will receive the link to the online meeting via email a few days before the event.