Get Inspired: SALTO Awards 2022 Winning Projects Videos

2 June 2023

The SALTO Awards is the annual contest that promotes and recognizes great youth projects all over Europe. In 2022, the SALTO Awards received more than 100 projects in its 5 nomination categories: Digital Transformation, Inclusion & Diversity, Media & Information Literacy, Solidarity & volunteering, and Youth Participation.

Discover the winners of the SALTO Awards 2022

We invite to you get a closer look at the 2022 winning projects and get inspired, whether you are planning a project related to the 5 topics or even considering applying for the 2023 edition of the SALTO Awards!

Digital Transformation: Digital Bridges – an international project that merged both online collaboration and student exchanges where school students and teachers from Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia participated in digital escape rooms, virtual reality charades, treasure hunts with QR codes, online co-design sessions, ICT workshops, robotics, STEM learning, and many more activities.

Inclusion & Diversity: Volunteering as a tool – a 10-day intensive programme for 36 young prisoners 18-30 years of age that turned the Albolote Penitentiary Center (Granada, Spain) into Hogwarts where planned social and wellbeing activities worked as magic so that day-to-day lives of the participants could be redirected for their personal development at different levels. The participants were also introduced to Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes and developed project proposals for the following application rounds took on training courses and thus learn more about their future opportunities and about themselves. What juries noted about this project was its strong message for I&D. It makes young people think of something beyond the wall. 

Media & Information Literacy: MIL-Lacework by Journalism – an interconnected Estonian cluster of MIL-advancing activities by 4Dimensioon, a University of Tartu’s students’ NGO that includes an independent news site, a monthly paper with 35 000 copies, a radio show and an institute’s podcast, a TikTok account on MIL, various media education workshops and training activities, etc. The team is made up of current students and alumni – reporters, photographers, teachers, media ambassadors, videographers, graphic designers, editors, and sound designers that are all aged between 20-27 years.

Solidarity & Volunteering: Getting Healthy Through Fun – a self-led group of university students studying medicine and technology in Poland, who spent a year voluntarily organising fun and engaging activities for the 250 young patients and their parents at the children’s hospital. Every month the theme and activities were different, as well as the specialists that were invited as guests.

Youth Participation: Our Space – For Our Better Future –  a Georgian youth centre formed by 6 young people who actively involved the municipality, local organisations, 4 youth centres with around 10 youth workers, and 500 young leaders from the rural area of Georgia to support its work. Together, they crowdfunded about 30% of their budget, initiated and organised events, ran online and offline campaigns, and united local people around the idea to create youth space together.

Nominate a project for SALTO Awards 2023

The SALTO Awards 2023 are now open! Don’t hesitate to nominate a project you have been part of or that you consider worthy to be promoted to the wider youth community.


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