SALTO PI Seeks Innovative Examples of Digital Interactive Spaces for Participation

31 August 2023

SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre is on the lookout for exceptional case studies to feature in their upcoming publication focused on Digital Interactive Spaces for Participation. They aim to shed light on successful practices that promote participation, decision-making, civic activism, and democracy through the innovative utilization of videogames and other digital spatially interactive spaces, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

The envisioned case study series will be an insightful exploration of practices that empower voice and involvement in decision-making processes. Civic action, activism, democracy, and active citizenship—encompassing media and information literacy—will be the focal points. The primary audience for this series includes educators, trainers, and beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes, who can derive inspiration from these case studies to initiate their own projects within digital interactive spaces, thereby embarking on a journey of exploring democracy within these contexts.

SALTO PI is currently welcoming submissions of potential best practices, be it from personal experiences or other valuable sources. They are seeking games and interactive digital platforms that are accessible to educators across Europe and stories connected to them. They are also interested in learning about any published methodological guidelines that might be relevant to this initiative. Submissions for relevant cases are open until 30 September 2023.

As an example of their prior work, SALTO PI previously published a case study series titled ‘Exploring Participation with Videogames‘ in March 2023. The forthcoming study, however, will have a broader focus, extending to the formal education field and beyond videogames.

For those interested in contributing to this endeavor please add your suggestions to this form.

If you are seeking additional information, the project’s team can be reached via email: