Brigita Medne joins the SALTO PI team as Youth Participation Coordinator

1 September 2023

The SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre is glad to welcome Brigita Medne as our Youth Participation Coordinator. Starting from August, Brigita focuses on youth participation mainstreaming and strategic approaches concerning the topic.

Brigita (she/her) is an enthusiastic and curious person passionate about non-formal education, accessibility, and sustainability. Originally from a small town in Latvia, her path in youth work started in a pupils’ council and local youth NGO created with peers to foster quality of life and opportunities for young people in the town.

Her professional background is in project management, managing non-formal education activities, and working on a local and national level to support the development of pupils’ councils and the involvement of young people in decision-making. She recently finished her Erasmus Mundus studies in Adult Education for Social Change, interested, among other things, in the accessibility of adult education. In her free time, she likes playing board games, cycling, and exploring her surroundings.

You can contact Brigita at [email protected].


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