Insights from the European Seminar for Trainers and Experts on Participation, Cyprus, 9-13 October 2023

20 November 2023

The European Seminar for Trainers and Experts on Participation, organised between 9-13 October 2023, is an initiative of the “New Power in Youth” Strategic Partnership. It aimed to connect trainers and professionals dedicated to fostering youth participation across Europe. The seminar built on the work previously done within the Partnership and SALTO Participation and Information.

The seminar had several objectives aiming to: 

  1. Gather trainers and experts from the Youth, Education, and Training sectors
  2. Explore diverse methodologies and concepts that promote Participation and Civic Engagement in democratic life. This includes tools and strategies like the Youth Participation Strategy, Youth Participation Toolkit, and the European Youth Goals
  3. Foster mutual understanding and experience sharing on participation priority, especially between the Youth and Education sectors within the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes,
  4. Cultivate a culture of collaboration while also enabling participants to enhance their collaboration with NPiY partners, National Agencies for Erasmus + & European Solidarity Corps and SALTO PI. The seminar explored the potential of creating a pool of experts and trainers that could further boost young people’s participation across Europe.
  • Brigita Medne, the Youth Participation Coordinator at The SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre, reflected on the seminar’s significance:

    “New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership was happy to provide a space for new and promising experts and trainers to meet and share experience, knowledge and ideate about the current state and future of participation priority. This was a great opportunity for us as well, as we have many exciting activities planned for the partnership and beyond, and we are looking forward to doing it in cooperation with experts from different fields, backgrounds, and experiences.”

Organised between 9 to 13 October 2023, the seminar took place in Larnaca, Cyprus. The structure of the event was part of a wider process, beginning with an online introduction meeting in late September, followed by a 3-day intensive residential programme, and concluding with a follow-up online session planned for December 2023.

A testament to the seminar’s success was the diverse participation it attracted; 27 dynamic professionals from 17 European countries joined forces to share insights, collaborate, and envision the future of Youth Participation and Civic Engagement.

This event was hosted by the Youth Board of Cyprus, a member of the New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership.


Watch the video-summary to get a better feeling about the Seminar!
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