“Dive into Youth Participation” Training Course, 23-26 October 2023, Bonn, Germany

20 December 2023

The “Dive into Youth Participation” training course, conducted from 23-26 October 2023 in Bonn, Germany, was a key event under the “New Power in Youth” Strategic Partnership. This professional development opportunity focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of youth workers and young leaders in the area of youth participation. The course aimed to provide insights into implementing quality youth participation within organisations and projects, particularly under the Erasmus+ Key Action 154 “Youth Participation Activities”.

The four-day training course covered several key areas:

  • Practical sessions on youth participation and participatory approaches in the youth sector,
  • Exploration of the Erasmus+ Key Action 154 “Youth Participation Activities”,
  • Discussions on implementing quality youth participation in various settings,
  • Platforms for exchanging best practices and experiences,
  • Opportunities to learn about new tools and resources for youth participation,
  • Networking sessions to establish international partnerships and collaborations.

An initial online meeting on 26 September 2023 was held to introduce participants to each other and lay the groundwork for the training course.

  • Yvonne Buchalla, Program Officer at Jugend für Europa, the German National Agency for European Youth Programmes, shared insights on the latest initiative of the partnership:

    “As we embarked on the journey of creating this training course, our vision was to establish a model that could be replicated regularly by various organisations and national agencies across different countries. The ‘Dive into Youth Participation’ training is designed to empower youth organisations, workers, and young people, enabling them to effectively leverage European youth programmes. Our goal is to host these trainings annually in various countries, fostering international cooperation and skill development. This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting youth engagement through diverse means, including workshops, seminars, and partnership-building activities, both at national and international levels.”

The training course brought together 22 youth leaders and youth workers from 14 different countries across Europe, bringing together a range of perspectives and experiences in the field of youth participation. This diversity contributed significantly to the depth and breadth of discussions, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  • David Theuvenet, a participant from the Netherlands, highlighted the significance of involving youth in societal development, stating, “It’s almost cliché why youth participation is important. The youth, being a part of our society, should have a big say in shaping their future.”

  • Katie McCabe, a participant from Ireland, reflected on the unique approach of the training, noting, “I think what I found most interesting is the way everyone does what they do. It wasn’t about sitting in neat rows but engaging in the process of participation. Learning about similar projects around Europe, albeit with different names and goals, was incredibly enriching.”

As the event concluded, participants were equipped with new insights and strategies to enhance youth participation in their respective spheres of influence. The “Dive into Youth Participation” training course represented a significant step forward in promoting effective and meaningful youth engagement across Europe.

This event was hosted by the German National Agency for Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps (JUGEND fur Europa), a member of the New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership.

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New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership (NPiY)

New Power in Youth is a Strategic Partnership between National Agencies for Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps and SALTO Resource Centres. Its main aim is to foster youth participation in democratic life and it contributes to three specific objectives: 1)Introducing Erasmus+ & ESC Youth Participation Strategy and supporting youth participation projects through E+ & ESC programmes; 2) Supporting the strategic development of youth participation in democratic life on local, national and European levels; 3) Enhancing the partnership between the non-formal and formal education sectors in order to better support youth participation in democratic life.