SALTO PI Pioneers Digital Participation with 5 New Articles Unveiled

23 February 2024

In the digital age, where redefining civic engagement is pivotal, SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) has unveiled five insightful articles shedding light on various aspects of digital participation. These articles delve into critical issues, ranging from the transfer of traditional participation to the digital realm to the impact of artificial intelligence on elections.

Transferring Traditional Participation to Digital Realms

The first article explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital frontier in civic engagement. Emphasising the need for inclusivity and accessibility, it advocates for a combination of technology and community engagement. Highlighting case studies, the article underscores the role of social media, online forums, and collaborative platforms in amplifying civic voices. It also urges involvement in Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps to pioneer cross-cultural digital participation initiatives.

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Trends in Digital Participation

The second article analyses the transformative trends in digital participation, driven by online activism and technological advancements. It recognises the potency of networked social movements, exemplified by movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo. However, the article also addresses critical issues such as fake news, AI risks, and digital literacy disparities. It calls for diligent policymaking to create a more inclusive and responsive democratic landscape.

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Between Hope and Despair: Pursuing Long-Term Societal Change in Times of High Speed

The third article delves into the opportunities and challenges presented by digital participation for societal change. It acknowledges the potential of digitalisation to transcend boundaries but also highlights issues of inequalities, digital competencies, and the spread of harmful content. Emphasising the need for a long-term struggle, the article distinguishes between optimism and hope in the context of high-speed societies.

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Digital Participation and Elections

The fourth article focuses on the pivotal role of digital participation in contemporary politics. It highlights the democratisation of political processes through digital tools, offering citizens unprecedented access to information and participation. However, the article also emphasises the need to address security concerns, the digital divide, and misinformation threats. It calls for collective efforts to bridge the digital divide and ensure the benefits of digital participation are accessible to all citizens.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Elections

The final article explores the diverse impact of AI on democracy. It advocates for education on AI across diverse platforms and emphasises the importance of media literacy to navigate the information age. The article underlines the need for integrating ethics into AI education, fostering lifelong engagement with evolving technologies. It calls for a multifaceted approach to ensure AI becomes a force for good in enhancing transparency, accountability, and informed civic participation.

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As SALTO PI contributes to the ongoing conversation on digital participation, these articles invite individuals, policymakers, and communities to engage actively, advocate for inclusivity, and contribute to shaping a more participatory and democratic future in the digital landscape. Now is the opportune moment to harness the potential of the digital frontier for civic good.


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