SALTO Awards 2023: Watch the Winning Projects Videos!

27 March 2024

SALTO Awards 2023 - Discover the projects in video!

Discover and get inspired by the video animations created to showcase the great projects awarded in the SALTO Awards 2023!

The SALTO Awards 2023 were unveiled on Thursday 5 October 2023 during a ceremony organised in the framework of the Lublin Triangle Youth Event in Lublin, Poland, the European Youth Capital 2023. Out of more than 200 Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects submitted, six were awarded by the jury members in the different categories for this edition: Digital Transformation, Environment & Fight Against Climate Change, Inclusion & Diversity, Participation in Democratic Life, Solidarity & Volunteering, and a special mention for Competence Development.

Today we are glad to unveil the video animations created with the different awarded organisations to introduce their projects in a short, attractive and playful format. Make sure to watch them, share them, and get inspired to start your own project! 

The Spirit of Europe – Origins (Digital Transformation)

The Spirit of Europe – Origins is an innovative video game which follows the story of Europe throughout some key historical periods: Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, the Migration Period, The Viking Age, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The game presents these key ages in 13 maps. It provides learning through a large variety of methods: digital interfaces, videos, images, text, maps and navigation, diagrams, systematic progression, decision-making, etc.

The Eco Echo Workshops (Environment & Fight Against Climate Change)

The Eco Echo Workshops project is a series of six workshops that use non-formal methods to deliver information about our environmental crisis. The workshops were designed to respond to the need of young people to obtain valuable information and be encouraged and empowered to take action regarding environmental protection, climate change, and sustainability.

Solidarity Coffee (Inclusion & Diversity)

Solidarity Coffee is a project run by adults with intellectual disabilities. A team of five young people is spreading a message of solidarity through a coffee cup in a cafeteria. By serving coffee and desserts at events, not only do they learn how to be baristas, but they are also sending a message to the public that they have equal possibilities.

  • Coordinator / Host: Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras (Lithuania) 
  • Programme / Action: European Solidarity Corps / Solidarity Projects (ESC30) | Read more
  • More information: Facebook / Instagram

nEU Citizenship (Participation in Democratic Life)

nEU Citizenship is a groundbreaking initiative that empowers Greek youth to become change-makers and active citizens in their communities and beyond. It aims to revitalise public dialogue and encourage the active participation of young people in civil society and decision-making. Through education, training and networking opportunities, the project equips Greek youth with the skills and tools they need to drive positive change and tackle the challenges facing their communities and the world today. The project is based on the concept of “twin transformation,” which encompasses both green and digital transformation to help young people shape a greener, more inclusive and sustainable future.

Leaders of Solidarity (Solidarity & Volunteering)

Leaders of Solidarity is a Polish solidarity project aiming to activate young people in fostering social integration and inclusion by including refugees from Ukraine through initiatives in their local community. The project is hosted in Zabrze, a post-industrial city associated with coal mining. Young volunteers of the Oratory Community Center starting their civic engagement journey were engaged to independently design an event, “Soldarność Picnic”, to improve the integration of Ukrainian refugees into their local community.

  • Coordinator / Host: Leaders Don Bosco – Non-formal group of young people (Poland)
  • Programme / Action: European Solidarity Corps / Solidarity Projects (ESC30) | Read more

#SMILE (Special mention for Competence Development)

#SMILE, which stands for Sport, Motivation, Inclusion, Leadership, Engagement, is an innovative approach to reinforce the status of people with intellectual disabilities as European citizens entitled to freedom of movement and residence through participation in national and international grassroots sports activities. #SMILE initiative exemplifies the practical application of EU commitments to ensure that persons with disabilities have the same rights as others, in line with the horizontal objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme to promote inclusion and diversity in all areas of education, training, youth, and sport. It serves as a model for incorporating a highly disadvantaged group into international activities, demonstrating the power of sports to foster inclusion.


Participation Pool | Resources on Youth Participation & Media Literacy

SALTO is a network of 11 Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the fields of Youth, Education and Training: SALTO Digital (Finland), SALTO Education & Training TCA (Hungary), SALTO European Solidarity Corps (Austria), SALTO Green Transition (France), SALTO Inclusion & Diversity in Education & Training (Croatia), SALTO Inclusion & Diversity in Youth (Belgium-Flanders), SALTO Participation & Information (Estonia), SALTO Training & Cooperation (Germany), SALTO Eastern Europe & Caucasus (Poland), SALTO EuroMed (France), SALTO South-East Europe (Slovenia).SALTO stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities. It works within the Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.