(Re)watch the Europe Talks Solidarity Webinars on Democratic Participation & Solidarity

23 April 2024

Illustration: Strengthening democracy in the EU: what role can EU programmes play? | Webinar graphic recording

Are you ready for the upcoming European Elections? Do you want to know more about the connections between voting and democratic participation, volunteering and solidarity? 

To spark meaningful conversations related to one of the largest democratic elections in the world, SALTO European Solidarity Corps and SALTO Participation & Information organised a series of three webinars in November and December 2023 exploring the links between voting, active participation of young people in democratic life, volunteering and digital realities. The webinar recordings are now publicly available along with graphic recording files. Check them out and boost your knowledge in preparation for the elections!


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SALTO Participation & Information

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) develops strategic and innovative action to encourage participation in democratic life.

SALTO European Solidarity Corps

SALTO European Solidarity Corps (SALTO ESC) offers expertise for enhancing solidarity and volunteering in Europe. They support high quality implementation of the European Solidarity Corps programme with events, publications and networking activities.