The EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 Effective in Addressing Young People’s Concerns

24 April 2024

EU Youth Strategy - Fresh opportunities, new discoveries! #YouthStrategy

Is the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 still effective? The European Commission’s interim evaluation shows that the EU Youth Strategy proves effective in addressing young people’s concerns.

The EU Youth Strategy aims to encourage young people to participate in democratic life, support social and civic engagement, and ensure that all young people have the resources they need to play an active part in society. The evaluation shows that it is still very relevant today. It has influenced youth-related policies positively and supports youth organisations and practitioners. However, there’s room for improvement, especially in addressing challenges like the cost of living, housing, mental health, and digitalisation.

To enhance its impact, the European Commission will:

  • Further accelerate youth mainstreaming, by enhancing the youth perspective in all relevant policies. The EU Youth Coordinator facilitates this effort. The Commission is taking the first steps towards a ‘youth check’ in EU policymaking. Member States are encouraged to appoint their own youth coordinators, to integrate youth perspectives into national policymaking.

  • Intensify efforts on youth participation, especially by strengthening communication and outreach for the EU Youth Dialogue. This also includes a clearer way to channel recommendations from the EU Youth Dialogue to policymakers and to inform participants and stakeholders about the follow-up at EU and national levels.

  • Increase engagement with stakeholders, by setting up a Youth Stakeholder’s platform, with a first meeting in autumn 2024.

Looking forward, the Commission, in cooperation with Member States, will prepare for the last stretch of the current Strategy and start discussions on the next EU Youth Strategy. Young people and stakeholders will be involved in the process of shaping a future where young people have a strong say in areas of their concern.

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