Beyond sophistication: Dimensions of advertising literacy

Year of production: 1998

Photo by Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura from Pexels

The study explores a series of issues related to consumer’s advertising literacy. It draws insights from three directions: a review of language and literacy theories in relation to consumers’ relationships with ads and advertising, an exploratory study on young adult’s advertising literacy and, finally, an analysis on the implications of literacy in relation to how ads are researched, developed and consumed.


Stephanie O’Donohoe

Stephanie O'Donohoe is senior lecturer in marketing at The University of Edinburgh. A graduate of the College of Marketing and Design, and of Trinity College Dublin, she worked in the Irish alcohol industry and completed her Ph.D. at Edinburgh. Her research addresses consumers' experiences of advertising, with emphasis on young adults' attitudes, involvement and literacy. Her published work explores how (or whether) academic theories in marketing, literary, cultural and media studies can account for everyday experiences of advertising.

Caroline Tynan

Caroline Tynan is professor of marketing at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University and a member of the Associate Faculty of Henley Management College. Her publications address market segmentation, qualitative research methodology, consumer behaviour and supply chain management, and her current research focuses on aspects of relationship marketing in service sectors