Civic Tech Field Guide

Year of production: 2018

The Civic Tech Field Guide is a crowdsourced, global collection of tech for good tools and projects. It’s your place to find and be found.

  • The Tech section of the catalogue includes tools, platforms, and data that you can use to create change. 
  • The People section catalogues the social side of our field, including the community hubs, events, funders, and design principles. 
  • Adjacent fields sec includes the burgeoning field of ethical tech, and critical foundational layers like civic and digital literacy
  • Find projects by the issue they address, community served, and more.

The platform is open for contributions and invites local experts to share what’s happening in their city, country, or sector.  Contribute a project here, or get in touch about becoming a regular curator.


Civic Hall logo
Civic Hall

Civic Hall is the founder organisation of the platform. It is a company of The Fedcap Group, a leading nonprofit that creates opportunities for individuals facing barriers to economic well-being. Civic Hall is focused on learning and collaboration to advance technology and problem-solving for the public good. Its mission is to also help those in under-represented and under-served communities get trained and find well-paying technology jobs.