#ForYou: A Game About Algorithms

Year of production: 2022

MediaSmarts has launched #ForYou: A Game About Algorithms, a tabletop card game designed not just to teach players about recommendation algorithms but to get them to reflect on and ask critical questions about the role that algorithms play in their lives.

#ForYou has three phases, each of which introduces a different way in which recommendation algorithms work:

  • The Popularity phase, in which players try to get their video seen by as many people as possible;
  • The Advertising phase, in which players try to make sure their ads will be seen by the right audience; and
  • The Machine Learning phase, where players learn how proxy data can infer extra information about users.


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MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Their vision is that children, youth and trusted adults have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.