Handbook on Advocacy for National Youth Councils

Year of production: 2014

Image is illustrative. Photo by Edvin Johansson on Unsplash

The documents was developed by representatives of National Youth Councils in Southern Europe and reflect the challenges and opportunities youth representatives face when advocating for youth (policy) issues through established mechanisms of participation. It provides hands-on advice on the full cycle of pre-presentation: engaging young people and setting a youth agenda, identifying the legislation that allows you to influence decisions, building coalitions to advance your cause and engaging various stakeholders.

Although focused mainly on National Youth Councils, it can be used by anyone who aims at influencing youth policy.


Conselho Nacional de Juventude (CNJ)

Plataforma representativa das organizações de juventude de âmbito nacional, abrangendo as mais diversas expressões do associativismo juvenil.

Spanish Youth Council (CJE)

Plataforma de entidades juveniles creada por Ley en 1983. Formada por los Consejos Autonómicos y las entidades juveniles de ámbito estatal.

Italian Youth Council (FNG)

Hellenic Youth Council (ESYN)

The H.N.Y.C. (Hellenic National Youth Council) was founded in July 1998, after strenuous efforts by Greek political and social youth organizations and obtained an elected administration in November of that year; it is an independent, non-government, non-profit federation of youth organizations.

Romanian Youth Council (CTR)

CTR - The Romanian Youth Council - the platform for representation of young people and youth organizations in Romania! #CTR #ForYouthRights

Maltese Youth Council (KNZ)

The National Youth Council (KNŻ) is: • A voluntary and autonomous NGO • A leading actor in Maltese Civil Society • A forum for dialogue for young people, organisations and youth in general • A channel of information and opinions between young people and decision makers • A representative body of young people’s interests