Online meeting effective – 11 tactics for gamifying your next zoom meeting

Year of production: 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed our meeting culture overnight: organisations and groups are frantically moving their meetings under quarantine measures to Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. While online meetings are a great opportunity, especially for companies, to maintain their communication and productivity, great challenges await!

The problem: Meetings from everyday life cannot be directly transferred to the virtual space, because different rules apply for communication via digital channels. If these are not followed, it can easily lead to chaos and losses in motivation and results.

The solution: gamification of virtual meetings through: Elements from the psychology of games, Principles for clear communication, Ideas for team building and Guidance on structure.

The goal: online meetings are not only easy to engage in, but can also lead to exciting experiences. Productivity can be higher than in a real-life meeting, without stress or imposing leadership.

In this article you will find some suggestions to achieve successful & engaging online meetings by utilising gamification. An important guide for facilitators, team leaders & HR managers.



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