The Digital Competence Wheel

Year of production: 2020

The purpose of the Digital Competence Wheel is to provide an overview of which digital competences exist and should be improved, as well as concrete inspiration for how to improve the most relevant digital competences.

The Digital Competence Wheel has been developed by the Center for Digital Dannelse, who has been engaged in digitalisation and digital education since 2009.

The Digital Competence Wheel is theoretically based on a major EU research project, DIGCOMP, deriving from the European Parliament’s inclusion of digital competence, as one of the eight core competences for lifelong learning.


Center for Digital Dannelse

Gives advise on digitization, digital education and digital skills. Their consultants create reflections on the effects of digital and social media between people with the aim of actively co-creating and influencing media usage in a positive direction.They support people in their acquisition of digital and contemporary education with the aim of developing a safe and value-creating interaction between people in the virtual world. Through teaching, dissemination and ongoing knowledge enhancement, they prepare their audience to make qualified choices in their journey online.