Year of production: 2020

Image is illustrative By James Haworth on Unsplash.

The aim of the Transparency guide is to give young adults an insight of why it is important for the critical analysis of information to know about media owners and funding sources, also how soft censorship affects the media content. The guide aims at helping young adults to develop the skills for searching for information about media owners and funding sources.


Online platform of Media and Information Literacy Lab (MilLab)

Online platform of Media and Information Literacy Lab (MilLab) is an ancillary educational resource aimed at developing critical thinking in youth and supporting informed media consumption.The platform combines educational material, games, exercises and case studies from media practices, that develop the skills for a critical analysis of media content, collection and verification of information and deconstruction of fake news.Media and Information Literacy Resources section covers 6 topics:Media and Information;Propaganda and Verification;Transparency;Hate Speech;Cyber;Personal Data/Privacy;The platform gives young adults knowledge about the functioning of media in a democratic society, how to verify fake information and how to establish specific interests behind a media outlet.The resource has been developed within the framework of the project Promoting Media Literacy and Critical Thinking in Schools, supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Georgia.