Trust and verification in an age of misinformation

Year of production: 2018

Image is illustrative. By United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash.

The course materials are broken up into four modules:

Module 1: Looks at how journalists have traditionally built trust, and how they’ve traditionally verified content. Special guest: Jay Rosen, New York University

Module 2: Covers how today’s media is democratized, mediated by algorithms, and easier to manipulate than ever before. We will examine how these factors challenge and change the way journalists build trust and perform verification. Special guest: Claire Wardle, First Draft News

Module 3: Covers how to verify images, video, social media accounts, and websites. This module also offers instruction in how to track and analyze social sharing and traffic patterns of content, and how to push back against misinformation. Special guest: Malachy Browne, New York Times

Module 4: Journalists must actively work to build trust and connections with the public, and we must also be transparent about how we do our work. Learn best practices for doing both. Special guest: Joy Mayer, Trusting News Project


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