Youth Goals Toolbox

Year of production: 2020

The 11 Youth Goals are designed for a youth-friendly Europe. They are based on voices of about 50,000 young people from all over Europe. Use the Youth Goals Toolbox to work together with young people on these goals.

First of all, the toolbox presents the Youth Goals and their origins in the EU Youth Dialogue. The main part offers support on how one can realize a dialogue activity about the Youth Goals in 3 steps:

  • The first step is about planning a dialogue activity: how to clarify your vision and mission, to which conditions you should pay attention and how to get in contact with relevant people.
  • For the second step the toolbox presents experiences regarding the facilitation of dialogue activities. In addition, it includes numerous methods for getting started, methods for exchanging opinions, experiences and ideas and methods for reflecting and moving forward.
  • Finally, for the third step, the toolbox includes useful tipps for caring for results and follow-ups.



The BJV or Austrian National Youth Council is the official and legally established representative body of children and youth in Austria."Together with our member organisations we are a strong voice for the diverse interests and ideas of young people. Regarding youth issues we have the status of a social partner. This means that we take part in political negotiations on behalf of young people. We work on a number of international projects and we are an active member of the European Youth Forum."