eParticipation HandBook “Exchange on eParticipation Platforms among European Youth”

Year of production: 2017

The eParticipation Handbook is a collection of good pratices, aiming to offer an overview of 10 ePlatforms used by European Youth: DemocracyOS, Airesis, OPIN, Consider.it, Loomio, CommunityPlanIt, OurSpace, Change.org, Rousseau, and Civic Flow.

The platforms were assessed as part of a wider process carried out by experts from each of the partners, in order to explore and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms. In addition, there was an assessment made by youngsters at secondary level from the three countries. The young participants involved in the process not only evaluated DemocracyOS, but also used it to propose measures to tackle youth unemployment in their countries.

Each platform was assessed from various points of views such as: signing up, security, social media, know how to use it, design, networking, using the platform. The maximum score that each platform could reach was 115.

The eParticipation Handbook “Good Practice Exchange on eParticipation Platforms among European Youth” is one of the results produced by the project with the same name, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and was focused on generating and exchanging information, data and Best Practices between Spain, Italy and the UK regarding eParticipation Platforms to empower young Europeans on civic education.


Biderborst, Boscán & Rochín (BB&R)

Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin (BB&R) is a professional, international consulting firm located in Salamanca (Spain).

Human Rights Youth Organization

Human Rights Youth Organization (HYRO) is a nonprofit NGO founded in Palermo, Italy in 2009. HYRO aims to facilitate and improve the quality of human rights throughout the world by creating a network of organizations with similar human rights oriented goals.

Momentum World

Momentum World is a U.K. based, non-profit education and training provider directed towards assisting youth in more than 30 countries worldwide. Their overall goal is to empower youth, and to enhance their employability in the workforce.