Unbias Fairness Toolkit

Year of production: 2018

Proboscis, with the input of young people and stakeholders. It is one of our project outputs aiming to promote awareness and stimulate a public civic dialogue about how algorithms shape online experiences and to reflect on possible changes to address issues of online unfairness. 

The tools are not just for critical thinking, but for civic thinking – supporting a more collective approach to imagining the future as a contrast to the individual atomising effect that such technologies often cause.

The toolkit contains the following elements:

  1. Handbook
  2. Awareness Cards
  3. TrustScape
  4. MetaMap
  5. Value Perception Worksheets

All components of Toolkit are freely available to download and print from our site under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

The Awareness Cards element of the toolkit has been expanded with an additional Facilitator Booklet.


Image of UnBias

UnBias was an EPSRC research project (EP/N02785X/1) funded under the Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security (TIPS) call. The work is now being continued in the follow-on project called ReEnTrust. “UnBias: Emancipating Users Against Algorithmic Biases for a Trusted Digital Economy” looked at the user experience of algorithm driven internet services and the process of algorithm design.