Webinar: How Do Democracy, Solidarity, Network Science, AI, and Augmented Realities Connect?

Year of production: 2024

How do democracy, solidarity, network science, AI, and augmented realities connect? | Webinar

Where do solidarity, democratic participation and network science connect? What about digital participation? How can AI come into the picture?
In this webinar the connection of network science to democratic participation is discussed from various angles: from the topology of cities, volunteering experience with digital participation, political divisiveness. The speakers come from prominent research groups from Europe and beyond and the representation the voice of young people through Europeers will be heard.

The webinar features the following speakers:

  • Balazs Lengyel – Neti Lab Budapest
  • Irina Buzu – Member of AI Expert group at Council of Europe, Advisor to the Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister for Economic Development and Digitalisation in Moldova
  • Panu Räsänen (Verke) – Youth worker, master student studying AI and Big Data networks
  • Cesar A. Hidalgo – Center for Collective Learning

This webinar was originally held online on 7 December 2023.


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