Digital Skills and Jobs Platform: Good Practices

Year of production: 2020

Digital Skills and Jobs Platform has set as an objective to support all interested stakeholders in defining their path to digital transformation. It provides inspirational information on good practices, resources, and research from across Europe.

The Good Practices section showcases a variety of successful initiatives and strategies, good examples of training programs and funding schemes. 

Valuable case studies, training curricula, methodologies, and self-assessment tools are then available in the Resources section to support stakeholders’ choices and needs. 

Finally, for those interested in the latest data and trends on digital skills in Europe,Research section has been made available. In this section can be found various skills intelligence publications such as academic studies, papers, reports as well as other data-driven information on the development and impact of digital transition. 

All these materials can support the journey in exploiting digital skills and tools, enhancing knowledge and providing crucial content to replicate successful examples.


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Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

Digital Skills and Jobs Platform helps Europeans to advance their digital skills and knowledge, to further their careers and to add value to their organisations.It is managed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology