Digital Transformation in the European Youth Field

Year of production: 2021

In the European youth field, digital transformation is understood as a multi- stakeholder and inclusive process encompassing the co-design, implementation and utilisation of people-centred digital technologies with and by young people, youth workers and other relevant stakeholders.

Digital transformation changes the way most areas of the youth field operate. Digital transformation describes the evolving integration of digital technologies into social, economic, and cultural processes and structures.


Participation Pool | Resources on Youth Participation & Media Literacy
SALTO PI’s Digital Transformation Adisory Board

Digital Transformation Advisory Boards' main objectives are to support SALTO PI in developing the approach towards digital transformation in the youth field and in the new EU Youth programmes (where digital transformation is one of the horizontal priorities), as well as to contribute to the creation of the Digital Transformation topic for the Participation Resource Pool.

Photo of Dr Alicja Pawluczuk
Dr Alicja Pawluczuk

Dr Alicja Pawluczuk is an ICTD Research Fellow at the United Nations University, and a Strategic Consultant on defining Digital Transformation at SALTO PI. Alicja’s research and community education practice focuses on digital youth work, youth digital inclusion, and gender digital inclusion.

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