Tutorial: Audio-Visual Content Creation Essentials

Year of production: 2020

In this first episode, film maker and a social media influencer Ahmad Mohsen gives you a high level overview about video content creation fundamentals. How to brand your initiative? What to keep in mind when starting to create audio-visual content for social media? What are the techniques? How to market your organisation or project and build a community online? How to create content for your specific target group? How to empower young people?

Watch all of the 5 short videos as Ahmad takes you through main points step by step, giving recommendations on how to use equipment, sharing tips about where to begin and how to make sure content you create actually reaches the right people. Easy, useful, practical!

If you wish to launch a new initiative or want to become better at reaching your target groups with your ongoing activities, these videos helps you to plan, create and analyse your communication to get people interested in new topics, join your activities, increase engagement online and raise awareness about your project or topic.

This video series has been created by SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre in cooperation with Ahmad Mohsen (youtube.com/ahmadmohsens). The videos have been created for youth workers, youth organisations and non-profit organisations to better help them reach out and engage young people. The production of this video series is funded with the support from the European Commission from the Erasmus+ programme.

Make sure to check out the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes which provide funding and training for you and your team to start your own initiatives. See more information from the Participation Resource Pool


Ahmad Mohsen photo
Ahmad Mohsen

Ahmad Mohsen quit his corporate job as an Architect to make a living off producing travel, documentary and educational video content on YouTube and other social media platforms.