Year of production: 2021

Photo by Image is illustrative. Jason Leung on Unsplash

EARLY: Education Advancements through Robotics Labs for Youth’s resources might help youth organisations and youth workers to plan, design, and deliver robotics workshops. The platform provides Educational Robotic Database, Online Video Tutorials, and Teaching Scenarios. Educational Robotic Database provides information on the age of students, who can learn with the robot, estimated costs and possibilities of using it, programming methods, availability of tutorials and lesson plans for teachers coming with the robot, and much other useful information.Online Video Tutorials in a form of instructional movies, photo stories, documentary movies etc., on how to print, how to design, assemble and code the robots, how to use them with students. All the video tutorials are supplemented by the description of their goal and content and include subtitles translated into English, Icelandic, Polish, Italian, Estonian and Swedish.Teaching Scenarios are supported by the video materials and photos, and are directly focused on creating and programming robots or on other STEAM-related subjects, where the robots help in teaching other matters.



Edurobots is a group of partners willing to help all the teachers interested in using robotics in classes. We address the needs of the teachers of primary schools teaching IT and other subjects like science, maths, physics and all other, where educational robots can be used as didactic support.