Live Q & A With Social Media Influencer Ahmad Mohsen

Year of production: 2021

Illustration by Siiri Taimla from

SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre invited a social media influencer, EU Goodwill Ambassador and multimedia content creator Ahmad Mohsen for a coffee and talked about how to create compelling content for social media.

The Q & A tackles following topics:
How to brand your initiative? What to keep in mind when starting to create audio-visual content for social media? What are the techniques? How to market your organisation or project and build a community online? How to create content for your specific target group? How to empower young people?

The Live Q & A was organised by SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre in cooperation with Ahmad Mohsen. The online session was aimed to support the youth workers, youth organisations and non-profit organisations to better help them reach out and engage young people. The production of the event was funded with the support from the European Commission from the Erasmus+ programme.


Ahmad Mohsen photo
Ahmad Mohsen

Ahmad Mohsen quit his corporate job as an Architect to make a living off producing travel, documentary and educational video content on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Meelika Hirmo

Meelika Hirmo is a Communications expert who is currently working at Citizen OS promoting digital participation worldwide. The topics of democratic participation, environment, media and information literacy and culture are very close to her heart. She has campaigned for lowering the voting age in Estonia, coordinated international events, led the communication of the international civic movement World Cleanup Day, and is eager to put her skills into practice to create a positive social change.