What happens at European level … should not stay at European level

Year of production: 2016

This publication is an important step in mapping the results of implementation in the first four cycles of Structured Dialogue. It can used as a baseline for further action – to know what worked, what didn’t and why. It will help stakeholders to know how they can strengthen the implementation and improve the Structured Dialogue processes as a whole. It is part of the results of the seminar “How to develop the impact of Structured Dialogue at European level ”, that gathered 38 representatives of European National Working Groups on Structured Dialogue.

The Structured Dialogue has thus far provided the crucial input of a continuously increasing amount of young people into the formation of youth policy across the EU. Since its inception in 2010, the process has refined itself, changed and improved. However, to actively give a concrete result to these young people’s thoughts, opinions, dreams and wishes, implementation of the recommendations and the monitoring of implementation must always be at the core of the process. While the recommendations and the experience of the drafting process are crucial to the Structured Dialogue, it is their implementation that will change the lives, prospects and possibilities of young people.


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