Youth digital participation: Measuring social impact

Image is illustrative. Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

This article examines current scholarly debates around digital participatory youth projects and approaches to their evaluation.

The analysis of the literature presented in the paper reveals (1) an over-reliance on traditional evaluation techniques for such initiatives, and (2) a scarcity of models for the assessment of the social impact of digital participatory youth projects.

It is concluded that the challenges and limitations of social impact evaluation practice in digital participatory youth projects should be addressed through the adoption of alternative, participant-centred approaches.


Dr Alicja Pawluczuk

Alicja Pawluczuk works as a Young ICTD Research Fellow at the United Nations University. Alicja’s research and community education practice focuses on digital inclusion, digital, and data literacy. She is a founding director of the digital inclusion and digital storytelling collective Digital Beez. Through the use of participatory, critical and multidisciplinary approaches, she aims to examine the power dynamics associated with the digital and data divides. ​Alicja’s digital inclusion practice is rooted in the areas of democratic education and community development.

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