Join the Online Panel “Emerging technologies and innovation”, 28 March 2023

9 March 2023

Emerging technologies is the topic of the sixth and final event in the series of panels hosted by SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) and SALTO Inclusion and Diversity Resource Centre (SALTO I&D). The online panel will take place on 28 March, at 13:00 CET.

Digital transformation is characterised by constantly emerging new technologies and ongoing innovation. These are often developments which enhance everyday life and bring citizens and society useful benefits, but there are also risks associated with these kinds of new technologies.

With 3 experts in the field of innovation and tech Irina Buzu and Barry Haughey and Juha Kiviniemi this panel will delve into the latest academic research on the topic, as well as hear from the speakers – themselves academics and youth workers – with in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies.

During the panel discussion, they will discuss what the key emerging technologies are and what they mean for digital transformation – their potential benefits and risks both for young people and the wider society.

What is it?
Emerging technologies and innovation are driving digital transformation. They range from what used to be called science fiction: robotics, and artificial intelligence, to the “ internet of things” and Smart Cities. This is the kind of tech that most people are already using in their everyday lives, and they are gaining more and more importance. If properly grasped, emerging tech and innovation opportunities – such as enhancing efficiency and giving easy access to online public services – could be great. But the associated risks must also be managed, including security issues and human rights infringements. This is the key topic that our panellists will delve into during the panel on Emerging Technologies and Innovation.

Who is it for?

  • youth workers and trainers
  • educators interested in digital transformation
  • everybody interested in the topic of emerging technologies and innovation

Where can you join the panel?

Want to know more? Come along to our event and join the debate!


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