The first mandate of the Co-Steering Group concluded

19 June 2023

The final meeting of the Co-Steering Group of the Youth Participation Strategy took place residentially in Tallinn, Estonia, on Tuesday 13 June 2023.  

The members of the group were invited at the end of 2021 and started working together in January 2022 for a mandate of 1.5 years. The group met 6 times, including for two residential meetings: the first in October 2022 during the Youth Participation Forum and the final one in June 2023.  

During the one-and-a-half-year mandate, the group supported the implementation, dissemination, and monitoring of the Youth Participation Strategy by:  

  • Helping SALTO PI to prioritise activities that support the Strategy’s life cycle and its accountability. 
  • Providing guidance on how to better monitor the aims and indicators of the Strategy and who are the main stakeholders supporting its implementation. 
  • Actively using and disseminating in relevant networks the Youth Participation Strategy and the Youth Participation Toolkit.  
  • Updating SALTO PI on the work and activities being undertaken on the European Youth Work field that support the Strategy implementation. 
  • Supporting the renewal of the Co-Steering Group with proposals to make its work, role and tasks more defined for the upcoming mandate. 

In the last meeting, the group also discussed its new role relating to the expansion of SALTO PI to the Education and Training field and evaluated the work done since its inception. The group felt that its achievements could have gone further, but also recognised that due to the experimental aspect of its work, this was not always possible.  

Constituted by 50% of youth representatives with experience in the EU Youth Programmes and the other half by relevant Youth Work institutions (European Commission, ERYICA, European Youth Forum and RAY Network), the group represents an advancement in the co-creation processes of National Agencies and SALTO Network and constitutes an inspirational practice for those and other stakeholders on the field. 


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